robomaster youth tournament drone competition

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Take to the sky!

Test your drone flying and coding skills! Compete to be the ultimate drone flyer, and win awesome prizes. To be held on the 22nd of October 2022, teams will compete to get the highest score by programming and completing the obstacle course!

Teams consist of up to 4 students and will be given 40 minutes to program their drones. After which their code will be run and scored! The team that gets the highest score, and if multiple teams score the same, shortest time, will be the champions

the course

Consists of a series of obstacles to fly under, over, between and through!

Contestants can take measurements and place down mission pads where necessary to assist their drone in completing the course!

Robomaster Youth Tournament Drone Competition 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes! You do not need to be affiliated with a school to compete. However, you will need to be school-aged and have access to a Tello EDU/Talent

To compete you will need 1 x Tello Tallent/EDU per team.

Drones can be programmed either by the Tello EDU app, or Scratch for Primary school students. For secondary school students, python can also be used.


Each team will have 40 minutes to program their drones to complete the course, during which time they can also measure the obstacle course. After which they will have 2

Teams will be given two test flights within 40 minutes, with a limit of 3 minutes each. This may be subject to change depending on participant numbers.

Should any of the following happen, the flight will be ended, and the team will attempt their next flight (Should they have remaining flights)

  • The drone completes the flight mission and reaches the
    endpoint (Note if the team reaches the endpoint that will count as their final flight)
  • The drone stops moving for more than 10 seconds (including
    crashes or hovering after collisions).